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Welcome to Boyce's Martial Arts here in Winchester, Virginia


Question: Did you Know Martial arts Build's Confidence, Character and Enhanced Levels of Fitness for Kids & Adults?

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Martial Arts really is the "The Cure" for Dull, Boring and Monotonous exercise routines that waste your time and leave with no results.

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Boyce's Martial Arts for Kids & Families...

There are many reasons to enroll your children and keep them training in the martial arts. Martial arts build's self-confidence and teaches discipline which will provide a solid foundation from which your children will develop strong character. While studying the martial arts is fun, children will be learning important lessons in values and respect that will shape how they view the world around them. And even though we teach to avoid confrontations, if the need arises, your children can be secure in their knowledge of how to defend themselves. This is the power derived from the martial arts.

It's a physical and demanding "sport." Let's not sugar-coat it! Children who participate and progress in the martial arts will develop a positive attitude to face other challenges in their lives. Our school is dedicated to making your children feel accepted as well as motivated.

We focus on providing children with a positive atmosphere where they can build their confidence, even after a bad day at school or sports. It's a place where they'll find support when they feel down or discouraged. We are ready and able to give your children the additional tools to face life's challenges and stay on the right path.

In addition to the structure you provide at home, martial arts will also provide your child with discipline. It's also about learning to respect themselves and others.

We teach children not to give up so easy like so many kids do. Instead we teach them to relax, regroup and give a 100-percent effort again. The discipline they learn helps them to stay focused and work hard to accomplish their goals.

Martial arts is a tool that can help your children in other sports, as well as keeping them in shape and healthy. Proper balance and hand-eye coordination are skills that are essential in sports such as baseball, football, gymnastics and soccer. Those skills are enhances at Boyce's Martial Arts.

Martial arts does not just teach kids how to defend themselves physically, but more importantly, how to avoid dangerous situations. Avoiding the situation rather than being in a physical confrontation is an important concept that instructors teach both indirectly and directly.

It's fun. They may not even realize they're learning all these "values." It's not only enjoyable for them learn new skills and watch them improve will fill you with pride.

Why stay on the sidelines?

Martial art is an activity that you can do as a family. It's a way of spending more quality time with your children, and that's invaluable in today's hectic world.

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